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Pilot Selection Process


Our concept takes into consideration the negative experiences with newly hired pilots in Business Jet Operations and Regional Airlines.

In spite of having gone through type rating and line-introduction, some newcomers still show deficits in basic skills and behavior.
In order to prevent such expensive, time-consuming and safety relevant failures, we offer a professional and highly efficient selection procedure.


The basis of our 2-day selection procedure is a well-defined job profile and standards agreed upon with our clients.


The philosophy behind this 2-day selection process is to offer an alternative to the assessment-center at a reasonable price.

In a scientific comparison our concept showed an almost identical level of validity in comparison to a long and costly assessment-center procedure.
The repeatability and consistency of our tests, interviews, analyses, and scorings are verifiable and transparent.


This selection process used by GRAF CONSULTING on behalf of different Business Jet and Airline Operators has made prove of a flawless reliability since its introduction in 2005. 


New: In hindsight of the Germanwings- accident in 2015, GRAF CONSULTING introduced a Psychological Assessment in addition to the Multi Psychometric Profile performed by specialized Psychologists. Their analysis is based on the candidate's Psychometric Profile, his/her behavior during the assessment, and on a personal interview. The accuracy and predictability of a candidate's potential of critical behavior and attitude is thus considerably increased.



Day 1:
  • Computerized Ability Test
    Consists of 6 tests assessing:
    Coordination and scan rates, practical operational knowledge, cockpit mathematics and
    mental agility, spatial orientation,

    memory, and monitoring tasks.  


  • Structured Interview
    with integrated knowledge test of safety relevant items and other criteria according to the Operator's requirements.

  • English for Aviation
    Test verifies language skills to pass level 4 tests.

  • Verbal Reasoning
    predicts the candidate's perceptive faculty of a written statement and
    his/her ability to draw correct conclusions from the text.

  • Multi Psychometric Profile
    Developed by the Institute for Aviation Psychology (NL):
    1.   Core Competence:            stability.
    2.   Primary competence:        self-discipline, team orientation, adherence to procedures.
    3.   Managerial competence:  leadership, concern for tasks, concern for people.
    4.   Personal competence:      ambition, openness, assertiveness, perseverance.

Day 2:

  • Simulator Test
    Using FNPT II King Air 200 equipment in an MCC (2 pilots) environment.
    A crew is assessed during a line oriented mission:
    Decision Making, Situational Awareness, Setting of Priorities, Adherence to Procedures, Basic Flying Skills, and
    Multi Crew Coordination.


  • Interview with a psychologist


Results and Recommendations

Selection results with a clear recommendation are sent to the Operator via e-mail within 24 hours.


  • Ab-initio Ability Tests for Scandinavian Aviation Academy  Flight Safety Foundationplease call or e-mail for appointemts.


Coaching of employees

  • Supporting individuals in communication skills and behavior.